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The management of United Company "Akras DIA" LLC and VTPZ LLC decided to merge production capacities.

This process can be considered the final stage in the process of consolidation of pipe producers of pipes MSD in the Southern Federal District.

As a result of the merger of enterprises, LLC "Akras DIA" was renamed into LLC "PO "NVTZ", with the preservation of all existing details and address data.

Limited Liability Company "NIZHNE-VOLZHSKIY TRUBNY ZAVOD" includes the production facilities of three enterprises: LLC "TZ Profil-Akras", LLC "PK DIA" and LLC "VTPZ".

Now LLC "PO "NVTZ" has three production sites:

  • st. Portovaya 16/3, Volzhsky,
  • st. Alexandrova 71, Volzhsky,
  • st. Alexandrova 95, Volzhsky.

An essential factor in the merger process is the size of the enterprise - the larger, the more weighty it is for rolled metal suppliers and has greater market power. The merger allows you to significantly increase production capacity, without additional investment.

LLC "PO "NVTZ" acts as a separate legal entity with a general sales department. Production sites exist as separate divisions of the company.

More than 1 200 employees of the state
Factory soccer team
Periodic indexation of wages
Provision of interest-free loans against wages up to 400 thousand rubles